Rant alert: I was in Costco this week and I walked past a woman who was talking to her (I assume) husband in a very focused way, trying to figuring out how many points half of a can Campbells Cream of Mushroom soup had. I assume that by points, she is referring to Weight Watchers. I have been thinking of this woman all week and how much effort she was expending, simply trying to figure out what she was “allowed” to eat. Why does this woman need a point system to tell her how¬†to fuel her body?

We are so completely out of touch with and afraid of food that we have lost the ability to feed ourselves. The curiosity and excitement that surrounds food has been sucked out of us. We, as women have been shamed out of our interest in food. Even eating a bag of freaking celery sticks will be followed by a statement explaining why we are allowing ourselves to eat at all, like eating anything is a privilege that we shouldn’t be afforded because we don’t look like a super model. Or maybe we do and it wouldn’t even matter!

I was at a birthday party recently and this highly educated, intelligent and beautiful woman was sitting across from me. She told me about her various degrees and her high profile job. When dessert came though, she started talking about how she was going back to Weight Watchers soon because she HAD to lose weight. No matter how beautiful or smart of successful we are, it is always there.

But what if we just said ENOUGH! What if the only relationship food had in your life was with our digestive tract? What if we started buying food the way we buy socks, does it have a pleasing texture? Is it nice to look at? Does it make me feel good? What if we spent our time and energy, instead of calculating or explaining the importance of “points” we started running the damn world!?

Also, ENOUGH Weight Watchers! Seriously.

Photo by Gwendal Cottin on Unsplash