Welcome to Well and Strong!

Kaisha Scofield is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) who will help you learn how to nourish and trust your body so you can become your best self, both physically and mentally. She will help you feel comfortable with nutrition and confident when fuelling your body. Working together you will focus on supporting the whole body with nutrient dense food, healthy movement and mental clarity. 

Kaisha supports all forms of nutritional wellness and specialize in ancestral health, paleo, LCHF, and keto diets. She is also a yoga teacher and practitioner, avid weightlifter, and promoter of any and all forms of movement. Kaisha lives with her husband, their two children, ornery cat Turnip and giant dog Olive in beautiful Victoria, BC.

“I want to show women that they are strong and capable of taking their health into their own hands. I want to take the fear out of eating and bring joy back into the kitchen. I reject one size fits all diets and the culture that tells us that we must all strive to fit into one size. I want to push back, hard, against the notion that our purpose on this earth is to be small and quiet and starving. 

I want you to eat food the makes you feel good. I want to help you learn what it is to live in a nourished body. I want you to see the wonder of nutrition and to fuel your body in a way that feels amazing! I want you to move your body because it feels powerful and grounding, not because you want to work off extra calories. 

I want to empower you to be well because it serves you, not because it’s the latest trend on instagram. I want your wellness to be your secret weapon against self doubt and fear. I want you to look out at the world and feel strong and capable and empowered. Nutrition and wellness mean so much more than just glowing skin and regular poops (although those are some great benefits), they mean freedom from food anxiety, strength and self reliance in your body, grounding in mental wellness, and the unwavering ability to know and trust yourself.

I want this for you and together we’re going after it. ”

Other places you can find Kaisha are:

Nutritionist at The Athlete Centre www.athletecentre.ca.

Health writer for Boulevard Magazine www.boulevard.ca