Personal Nutritional Training

Personal Nutritional Training is a one-on-one program where we work together to discover the most effective way to move you toward optimal digestive health and wellness. We start by looking into your nutritional history, exploring potential barriers and identifying your goals through an initial interview, nutritional questionnaire and journal. This information is then used to create a nutritional wellness plan that is personalized to your individual nutritional needs.

We do not limit nutrition to macro or micro nutrients. We work to support the whole body; physical, mental and digestive health. Our goal is not to simply treat one system but to have all systems working together to promote optimal health and wellness.

Follow-up sessions are always available and can be discussed during the initial meeting. 

Please contact me for more details on pricing and availability.

Nutritional and Movement Personal Training

Move your muscles, fuel your brain, and love your guts! Combine nutritional and personal training to make the most of your health and wellness. This program will help you build strength on the outside while also strengthening your insides. Together we will find your favourite movement style and build a nutrition platform that will support your body as you get stronger and more powerful.

Please contact me for more details on pricing and availability.

Personal Training

This isn’t your typical personal training because the goal is finding joy in movement. Together we will work to build your strength and power in a fun and empowering way. Movement is a gift and it is my intention to help you find ways to move your body that inspire you. Some of the movement forms that inspire my training are weight lifting, CrossFit, dance, high intensity interval training, yoga, boxing, and cycling. I am a certified size inclusive trainer who strongly believes that health is found at every size for every body.

Training is available in my small studio for one-on-one sessions for three, six or twelve month packages.

Please contact me for details on pricing and availability.

Group Training

Group training is coming soon.

Some group training programs being built are:
Size Inclusive Training Classes
Strong AF Ladies
Stupid Fun 80/90s Aerobics

Please contact me if you would like to know when these become available.

Large Group Information Sessions

I always welcome the opportunity to speak to larger groups about nutrition, movement, health and every size, food relationships, etc.

Please contact me for details on pricing, availability and topics.


I am a freelance writer. Some topics I enjoy writing about health, nutrition, movement, HEAS, movement for all bodies, food relationships, disordered eating, hormones, the history of anti-fat bias, etc.

Please contact me for details on pricing, availability and topic pitches.