Personal Nutritional Training

Personal Nutritional Training is a one-on-one program where we work together to discover the most effective way to move you toward optimal digestive health and wellness. We start by looking into your nutritional history, exploring potential barriers and identifying your goals through an initial interview, nutritional questionnaire and journal. This information is then used to create a nutritional wellness plan that is personalized to your individual nutritional needs.

We do not limit nutrition to macro or micro nutrients. We work to support the whole body; physical, mental and digestive health. Our goal is not to simply treat one system but to have all systems working together to promote optimal health and wellness.

Follow-up sessions are always available and can be discussed during the initial meeting. 

Please contact me for more details.

Large Group Information Sessions

I always welcome the opportunity to speak to larger groups about a variety of nutritional, mental and physical health topics. 

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Small Group Training Programs
Coming soon!

The Small Group Training Programs run for six weeks and are ideal for groups of 8-10 people. Each week, we will come together and learn about moving your muscles, fuelling your brain and loving your guts; all while in the supportive group atmosphere. In a few short weeks you will make lifelong connections with your group and together you will learn how to best support your health and wellness in a safe and healthy way.

First Steps: This program is for nutritional newbies, people who are feeling lost and may be struggling to navigate the barrage of food and movement advice. In this group we will give you the knowledge and tools to figure out your ideal style of eating and moving, to improve your health and feel your best.

Finding Your Foundation: This program is for the nutritionally inclined but who are still looking for a solid plan. You may know how to eat “healthy” but feel that you haven’t quite found your best health. During this program we will dive into different styles of eating and explore which is best for you, giving you clarity and control over your health and wellness success.  

Kickstart: This program is for those who are ready to go all in! You are someone committed to making some solid changes to their diet and lifestyle. Kickstart will give you the knowledge and tools to successfully incorporate a streamlined diet into your life for the long term or as a yearly reset.  

Programs coming soon. Contact me to receive a notification as soon as they are ready for launch.