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Why I’m Done with Keto

Why I’m done with Keto Quite simply, it didn’t feel good anymore.  I started Keto because I was struggling with excess sugar in my diet (long story involving double rounds of antibiotics and candida overgrowth). I had already been eating paleo for several years so Keto seemed like a no brainer. I had just finished […]

International Women’s Day

The work I do is for her. It’s for the hope that she will grow up in a world that celebrates her strength and tenacity and doesn’t dull her spark because it can’t handle her brilliance. It’s for her friends who watch their bodies grow with fear rather than celebration. It’s for ten year old […]


Gwyneth Paltrow is getting a lot of heat this week for her latest book plug, called Intuitive Fasting. I haven’t read this book so I can’t say for sure but I suspect it is not great. Fasting is an excellent tool to help give your digestive system a rest. It is something that we all […]

Boulevard Article: Body

A little tiptoe into the world of body positivity and body neutrality and how there is a place for all of us in this spectrum. I love this topic so much and am so grateful to Boulevard for creating space for these new ideas around how we treat ourselves and our body.  Check out the […]


Rant alert: I was in Costco this week and I walked past a woman who was talking to her (I assume) husband in a very focused way, trying to figuring out how many points half of a can Campbells Cream of Mushroom soup had. I assume that by points, she is referring to Weight Watchers. […]

Boulevard Article: Sugar

I wrote this piece because I think that there is a necessity for us to take a hard look at our favourite “indulgence”. Our sugar consumption has gotten completely out of hand. We have gotten so accustomed to our sugar saturated diets that we need to take a step back and reevaluate the effects this […]

Sans Sugar

I haven’t eaten sugar since 2018. I don’t talk about this very often because people tend to freak out a bit when I do. Typically people proclaim that they could never stop eating sugar. This is of course not true, people can stop doing all sorts of things but the role sugar plays in our […]